Chief technology officer Basic Salary in Republic of Ireland

Chief technology officer Occupation Salary in Republic of Ireland

The Average Gross Salary for Chief technology officer, we expect to range typically in the following threshold

  • The Minimum Monthly Salary   1658.00 EUR
  • The Maximum Monthly Salary   2458.00 EUR
  • The Median Monthly Salary 2058.00 EUR

Note: We provide the Salary Data based on Salaries submitted anonymously to us or has been surveyed by our team by means of National Employment Data of Republic of Ireland from Government and Private Organisations. This do not mean or represent the national minimum wage or highest wage of Republic of Ireland for the occupation of Chief technology officer. Our average figure is presented here is in good will for the employees and employers to have estimated idea.

The Irish income tax brackets (2018):

RateTaxable earned income (€, euros)Category
20%0-€34,550individuals without dependent children
20%0-€38,550single or widowed persons qualifying for the One-Parent Family tax credit
20%0-€43,550married couples
40%earned income remainderall categories