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                                 - the professional social networking website for New Zealand


SMART Social Networking! is the leading professional social networking website for professionals to expand their network
in the search for new employment and for employers to find new recruits.
Unlike some websites, Search NZ Jobs works with companies and agencies around the world. In fact, users flock to Search NZ Jobs because
it caters across New Zealand, which means more opportunities for everyone. No company is too big or too small to find
not useful, and
people will find real opportunities by getting connected. 
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  • Social networking website We're more than social networking website with many enriched and amazing features
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  • CompaniesSee how we can brand your company across the world wide web
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  • PeopleUse us to see how the opportunities would follow and connect you
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  • BloggersWe welcome you on board and we termed you as the global web contributor who share great ideas
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  • PartnersLet's grow together. We're very interested to partner with you. There are many ways you can collaborate with us. Just drop us a line to know more.  


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    We're 100% FREE for all with no hidden cost. 

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  • Global Opportunities

    We connect the employers, job seekers and bloggers across New Zealand.

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    Although we're free but our support is 24/7.

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    Our system supports many search algorithms and social media features.


Empowers Companies and Businesses -  SearchNZJobs offers free job listings, and unlimited applicants can respond to each job advertised.
Advanced search tools mean your listings are seen by more people, and you can build your brand when you set up your company
profile. With, you can process resumes and even receive CVs by mail. Whether you're looking for part-time,
full-time or seasonal workers,  SearchZNJobs.Com is the only place you need to look for
Empowers People and Job Seekers -
Our smart use of technology allows you to search and apply smart. Search by job category to find jobs in various field and industries. You can also post your resumes that allow companies with opening to come to you. Plus, Search NZ Jobs will alert you via email when jobs matches your profile become available on the site. Find the job that inspires you and adds meaning to your life goal. You can also easily connect through our system with large audience across the globe. We support "Oexchange tool", which easily allows
people to share content and gain the popularity of their web visibility.
Empowers Employment Opportunities - Search NZ Jobs can be used across New Zealand and is
affiliated with other job search engines such as
Indeed, Jobrapido, Mitula and Trovit.
Combining all available resources together, was born. The site can be viewed on almost all browsers, including Android phones and Apple devices.
Empowers professional Social Networking  - The role of social media being integrated to a job portal makes job hunting faster, easier and more fulfilling. This is the first of its kind in the job market. uses state-of-the art technology to make professional social networking more powerful and productive for businesses and aspirants alike.

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